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8 Seriously Good Chia Seed Pudding Recipes

Some crazy (yet remarkably cunning) person decided to pour these little seeds into some milk and BAM, just like that the chia seed pudding was born. I’m currently obsessed with Omega fatty acids. What? What kind of obsession is that?? Well, after going through a serious rollercoaster-like eczema flare-up, I’ve tried to up my omega intake since it never hurts right? Chia seeds are one of those foodie trends that seem to have stuck around like kale, but I can understand why after trying some of these tasty chia seed pudding recipes. If you still don’t believe these little specks are able to turn ordinary milk into luscious thick pudding, go Youtube and see for yourself.

For those believers ready to discover how to make a delicious chia pudding, check out the recipes below!


1. Mexican Chocolate Chia Pudding (via Oh My Veggies)

2. Cashew-Cardamon Chia Pudding (via The Kitchn)

3. Pina Colada Chia Pudding (via BeginWithin Nutrition)

4. Coconut Cream Pie Chia Pudding (via How Sweet It Is)

5. Carrot Cake Chia Pudding (via Potluck at Oh My Veggies)

6. Strawberry Almond Chia Seed Pudding (via AllRecipes)

7. Matcha Green Tea Chia Pudding (via Choosing Raw)

8. Coffee and Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding (via Eat Good 4 Life)

If you’re that person who can screw up toast, this tasty treat is pretty much fools proof. Just mix your ingredients in a container, pop it in the fridge and get ready to dive in. You can make this recipe as basic as vanilla to as decadent as a triple-layered parfait. So don’t walk, RUN and get some of these magical grains and start experiment with these crazy good chia seed pudding recipes. Jello’s got nothing on these bad boys.


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