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6 Wicked Ways to Use Wonton Wrappers

While I’m not one to turn down a tasty dumpling, there are an endless amount of ways to use wonton wrappers asides from the usual pot stickers. A staple item in any asian household, these thin yet versatile wrappers are boiled, baked and fried into delicious bite-sized treats. They are also a great alternative for those looking to cut down on carbs and lighten up traditional pasta-based recipes. Check out all the creative and unique ways to use wonton wrappers to spice up your ho-hum home menus.

wonton wrapper recipes

1. Stuff it with Cheese – Since everything tastes better with cheese, it makes perfect sense to create bundles of cheesy goodness inside a wonton wrapper. If you are looking for a healthy alternative to a classic party appetizer, these Baked Mozzarella Sticks by Olive The Ingredients are a guaranteed hit. Or take it up a class with ReturntoSundaySuppers’ sophisticated Fresh Mozzarella & Basil Bites.

2. Make Crispy Crackers – Simple, but bound to be gobbled up in no time, flavored chip crackers are an easy way to use up a few leftover sheets. I’m drooling over these parmesan wonton crackers (yes I love cheese) and sesame seed topped cracker found over on Pinterest.

wonton wrappers recipes

3. Create Savory or Sweet Tacos – What’s better than a taco? A mini bite-sized taco of course. Whether you top yours with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and beef like diviancorner’s classic wonton taco, or turn this dinner-time staple into a tasty dessert (try this: ice cream tacos with a cinnamon sugar shell), make sure to keep plenty of napkins on hand.

4. Stack ‘Em Up – Part engineering feat, part delicious culinary presentation, wonton wrappers make the perfect stackable ingredient when baked or fried crispy. Once again, you can choose to take a savory route (try: asian shrimp wonton stack) or go for a sinful and impressive dessert like a honey baked wonton napoleon.

wonton wrappers recipes

5. Stuff a Meal in it – I’m amazed by the kinds of meals people have managed to stuff into these little wrappers. Everything from a traditional chicken parmesan wrap to a hearty breakfast southwestern egg roll can be turned into bite-sized nibbles. Portable? Mess-free? Undeniably tasty? What more could you want!

6. Simplify Desserts – Struggling to make paper-thin crepes? Got a bad case of pastry struggles? Fear not its wonton wrappers to the rescue! While I always encourage budding cooks/bakers to hone their skills, there is nothing wrong with using a shortcut once in a while. Plus you got to admit these baked banana, chocolate, strawberry wontons and brown butter rum cannolis look friggen fantastic no?

Are you salivating yet? No? Scroll back up and read again. If you are looking to cut carbs, save time, create flavor-packed bites, or all of the above, you’ve got to check out the multitude of ways to use wonton wrappers featured above.


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