Warby Parker Beacon Collection – From Sunset to Sunrise

warby parker beacon collection

They say the best nights are those unplanned and that’s exactly the thought that inspired the Warby Park Beacon Collection–those impromptu evenings where having no plans create endless possibilities. Consisting of four distinct styles, the collection provides both men and women eye-catching designs for late night adventures and early morning magic (and all the shenanigans that happens inbetween).

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To The City We Go – New Job & New Year Ahead


(Original Photo – Flickr)

I think it is safe to say the last month and a bit has been a whirlwind of major life events, mixed with a handful of shenanigans and blended with a splash of bittersweet moments. A few weeks ago I finally got my G2 license (yea go highschool me!) and shortly after I jetted off with my ladies to Las Vegas for what we shall deem the wildest trip we have taken to date. After spending what felt like an eternity recovering in bed (a.k.a. sleeping 10 hours at a time and drinking excessive amounts of coconut water), I said farewell to my last five years of undergrad, walking across the stage to get my diploma. While I can say that’s a lot already happening in a month, I also happened to land not one, but two job offers—which led me to debate for hours and consult many friends/family members on my final decision.

I’m happy to say I just sent back my signed offer this week and will be headed to Toronto as of July! I will be starting my new position as a Marketing & Communications Assistant for Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants and excited does not even cover how I am feeling. While I am a little sad to leave the hustle of startups and the thrill of the tech world, food is something I’ve always felt a great connection to, so this seemed like a natural transition. But as I have learnt over the years, you never really know where you are going to be in ten years time, so might as well enjoy the ride and live in the moment.

Now my days are spent stalking craigslist and kijiji for apartments and bed frames, but I really can’t complain. Blessed to have such amazing people and opportunities to look forward to!

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8 Seriously Good Chia Seed Pudding Recipes

Some crazy (yet remarkably cunning) person decided to pour these little seeds into some milk and BAM, just like that the chia seed pudding was born. I’m currently obsessed with Omega fatty acids. What? What kind of obsession is that?? Well, after going through a serious rollercoaster-like eczema flare-up, I’ve tried to up my omega intake since it never hurts right? Chia seeds are one of those foodie trends that seem to have stuck around like kale, but I can understand why after trying some of these tasty chia seed pudding recipes. If you still don’t believe these little specks are able to turn ordinary milk into luscious thick pudding, go Youtube and see for yourself.

For those believers ready to discover how to make a delicious chia pudding, check out the recipes below!


1. Mexican Chocolate Chia Pudding (via Oh My Veggies)

2. Cashew-Cardamon Chia Pudding (via The Kitchn)

3. Pina Colada Chia Pudding (via BeginWithin Nutrition)

4. Coconut Cream Pie Chia Pudding (via How Sweet It Is)

5. Carrot Cake Chia Pudding (via Potluck at Oh My Veggies)

6. Strawberry Almond Chia Seed Pudding (via AllRecipes)

7. Matcha Green Tea Chia Pudding (via Choosing Raw)

8. Coffee and Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding (via Eat Good 4 Life)

If you’re that person who can screw up toast, this tasty treat is pretty much fools proof. Just mix your ingredients in a container, pop it in the fridge and get ready to dive in. You can make this recipe as basic as vanilla to as decadent as a triple-layered parfait. So don’t walk, RUN and get some of these magical grains and start experiment with these crazy good chia seed pudding recipes. Jello’s got nothing on these bad boys.

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#PRESSDAY – Rich Hues and Bold Textures for Fall

While the weather was less than desirable, the ladies of Lotus Leaf Communications made the trek over to #PRESSDAY well worth it. Oh, and being greeted with jars of candy and walls of upcoming trends might have sweetened the deal. I loved the variety of clients being showcased in the little office and even more delighted to see they had a strong roster of companies creating not only awesome products but supporting wonderful causes.


Lovely charm bangles crafted in North America with sustainable materials by Alex and Ani


Faux fur vests and bedazzled jackets by GUESS for Fall/Winter.


All the way from Regina, Hillberg & Berk had some gorgeous jewelry and an amazing story behind their founder.


Current website crush Handcrafted everyday objects that just scream the perfect gift.


Absolutely love these ultra slim watches by Skagen Denmark currently available from Watch It!


Another new discovery, Pink Martini offers fashionable ensembles at a wallet-friendly price

Big thanks to the lovely team at Lotus Leaf for hosting us and introducing some fantastic brands to myself. Not to mention sending us home with some lovely swag bags and goodies from the clients features. Definitely considering treating myself to a new watch from Watch It! (oh how did you know my weakness for timepieces…).


Meet Me At The Barre in Stylish Workout Gear


1. Mesh Sports Bra – Juicy Couture
2. Color-block Running Shorts – Target
3. Under Armour ‘Define’ Storm Duffel Bag – Nordstrom
4. Nike Signal Tee – Hudson’s Bay
5. Nike Women’s Free 4.0 V3 Running Sneaker – Macy’s
6. Pure + Good Shadow Floral Jacket – Anthropologie
7. FRENDS Headphones –

For those who have survived the one month hurdle of their New Year’s resolution to get fit, consider rewarding yourself with not an extra helping of fro-yo, but with some stylish workout gear to keep you sweat-free and looking fierce. Pilates, cycle, cross-fit, whatever your workout of choice is, functional and fashionable gym clothes are a worthwhile investment to make.

Although I am a connoisseur of black and grey clothing, I tend to lean towards bright hues and edgy patterns when it comes to clothes I plan to sweat in. Perhaps I am trying to trick myself into thinking happy thoughts while I struggle through the grueling uphill cycle climbs. Whatever the case be, I’ve noticed a number of designers and fast fashion retailers are offering some seriously chic sweats. Nike is a favourite of mine, but it seems even the folks of Anthropologie and Juicy Couture have been stepping up their activewear game.

These stylish workout clothes can go from the a.m. barre to the p.m. bar with just a swipe of a lipstick. Okay, maybe not quite so interchangeable, but I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to wear some of these duds outside the gym.